Sean’s Platform


As a longtime business leader and the first person to open a full-service grocery store in Del Paso Heights in over two decades, I personally know how the right kind of investments can uplift our communities. Unfortunately, District 2 has been left behind when it comes to securing diverse investments that create jobs and pay living wages so people of all backgrounds can support themselves and their families.

As your councilmember, I’ll utilize my experiences as a business leader to bring investments back to our community. I’ll fight the tough battles to ensure our community receives its fair share of city funding. I’ll call for an audit of the budget to look for cost-savings that can be brought back to our neighborhoods.

Sacramento needs to get back to the basics – it can start by investing in reliable transportation services that connect residents to resource and ensuring our neighborhoods are safe, and that our roads are smooth and that there is adequate street lighting. Together, we can create a more responsive government that is in touch with the needs of the people. I’ll lead the charge.


It’s time to become more innovative about the problems facing our community. We can tackle the district’s toughest challenges through thoughtful collaboration. That includes our current homelessness crises.

I talk with community leaders, activists and residents on a daily basis who share tremendous ideas that will move District 2 forward – it’s time to give those ideas a bigger platform. Not every good idea comes from City Hall.

Sacramento is changing faster than the city’s ability to responds those changes. With the right, innovative approach, we can train our youth for the jobs of tomorrow to make our community a regional, economic powerhouse. My goal is to take the influence of the council seat beyond City Hall and partner with the business community, the non-profit community, our schools and state elected leaders to help create additional educational pathways and job opportunities.

One of my first steps will be to author a resolution that will create more opportunities for advertising within District 2 and ensure revenue generated goes towards community schools and programs.


Our district needs a crystal-clear vision for the future and not just one that focuses on Cannabis dispensaries. The councilmembers office should be used to engage all community members to create a common vision that is in the best interests of all residents, not just a select few insiders and political operatives. We need, positive inspirational leadership, and a person who has enthusiasm and passion for our community.

As your councilmember, I will encourage city staff to develop a comprehensive “pitch book” that highlights opportunity areas in our district. It’s time for District 2 to be portrayed in positive light – the optimism of our community needs to be brilliantly showcased for regional leaders to see. I’ll get this done.